BMBF-Verbundprojekt KaWaTech Solutions

Project Goals

Water Pumping – Hydro-powered Pump Systems

Validation during operation and, if necessary, secondary optimization of the Seo Ho Pilot Pump Station in order to sustainably supply several thousand people with water

Water Pumping – Photovoltaic-based Pump Systems

Development and implementation of photovoltaic-based pump systems to supply water to peripherally located settlements

Water Distribution

Development and implementation of customized distribution concepts to guarantee fair allocation and distribution of the earmarked amount of water, while taking existing, partly crumbling distribution infrastructure into consideration

Concrete Technology Tests

Development of hydroabrasion-resistant protections for water pumping systems as well as low-shrinkage, high-tensile concrete types for constructing jointless gravity channels while taking local source materials and construction technologies into account

Water Quality Monitoring

Development and pilot implementation of an early warning system with multi-channel particle counters for protecting the machinery at Seo Ho Pilot Pump Station and guaranteeing water quality

Water Treatment

Development and implementation of an industrial-scale plant for water treatment at the central distribution tank as well as implementation of decentralized point of use treatment in Dong Van City

GIS-Based Water Protection Measures

Provision of a specialist information system for drawing up risk maps to prevent contamination of the limited water resources

Capacity Development

Measures for mutual knowledge transfer between the partners of both countries on a scientific and user level in order to ensure protection of the valuable water resources