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Markus Klotz GmbH, Bad Liebenzell

SP 7: Water quality

An early warning system based on mobile particle measurement technology is being developed and installed in the intake of the Seo Ho hydropower plant. For the planned early warning system, especially very small particles (1 µm) are relevant, which correlate with the microbiological contamination. Furthermore, larger particles (100 - 150 µm) are of high interest, since they pose a risk of abrasion for pumps and turbines. To ensure the required minimum raw water quality, an innovative, mobile online particle counter is being developed. If predetermined particle numbers in the intake are exceeded, a corresponding alarm is triggered at the new control room of the conveyor system. Furthermore, the use of a special detector could enable the detection of E. coli cells.

Goals for developing an early warning system include:

  • Recording the dynamics and variability of the particle-size distribution in the intake of the hydropower plant (rainy season - dry season)
  • Development and implementation of an early warning system for microbiological contamination and abrasive mineral particles, based on particle measurement technology
  • Improvement of robustness and simplified handling of particle counters
  • Advances in direct detection of E. coli bacteria by detector

The measurements on site as well as the scientific evaluation of the data are mainly carried out by subproject 2.



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