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Work package WP 4: Water protection measures

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Mobile specialist information system for drinking water protection

The knowledge and expertise on hydrogeology and land use systems, derived from the  preceeding KaWaTech project, will be used to develop GIS-based methods and a practical, mobile specialist information system (FIS TW) for drinking water protection in the Seo Ho catchment area. It has a mobile component for the acquisition of georeferenced data in the field (GIS2go). The data collected and recorded locally is then transferred to a Spatial Data Warehouse on which the FIS TW is based and, from which, maps and reports can be generated. The FIS TW thus enables the mobile recording of pollutant sources, the vulnerability of water resources and the resulting contamination risks. On this basis, water protection measures for existing and planned infrastructures can be derived. An essential component of the work package is the development of a tablet-based system for the acquisition of technical data in the field.

The planned work steps concerning the specialist information system within WP4 are, among others:

  • Definition of the relevant drinking water catchment area
  • Mapping and assessment of pollution sources and vulnerability of water resources
  • Identification of the risk of contamination of water resources and derivation of appropriate protective measures
  • Automation, specialist information system for drinking water abstraction
  • Implementation at local authorities including training of future users