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The subproject water treatment focuses on drinking water treatment in the Dong Van region in Vietnam. According to the information available so far, there is essentially a particulate and microbiological pollution in the raw water that has to be treated. This requires purification processes for particle removal. For this purpose, the subproject will consider conventional technologies such as flocculation and sand filtration as well as innovative solutions based on ceramic membranes. In order to capture local characteristics, a small-scale container plant is being designed and operated in Germany and Vietnam. The small-scale operational experience serves as the basis for a process concept developed for a central treatment plant for the provision of drinking water for the region of Dong Van. The large-scale implementation by the Vietnamese partners is accompanied scientifically and technically. In addition, it is planned to provide parts of the container plant at the end of the project for permanent operation in Dong Van. Therefore drinking water can be provided for a suitable building (e.g. school, community building or hospital) as a "point of use" facility.

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