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Working package WP 5: Capacity development

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The R&D activities of the work packages are closely interlinked and accompanied by capacity development measures that ensure the transfer of technology and knowledge as well as the protection of the resource water at the scientific, administrative and user level.

This transfer will be achieved through joint research activities (such as field surveys and measurement campaigns) and project workshops, as well as a Summer School that takes place in Vietnam. The strengthening of local personnel competence is also achieved through postgraduate support of young scientists. Employees of the Vietnamese partner institutions are being sponsored for a three-year doctoral program and will be integrated into the joint project. In addition to technology and knowledge transfer as well as training measures, this funding will create a lasting relationship and multiplier effects in professional and socio-cultural terms.

The sustainable implementation of innovative concepts or products also depends in particular on the training and support of future users during the initial operating phase. Therefore, training and workshops are carried out in the sense of a sustainable technology and knowledge transfer with the different stakeholders.

Intended work steps regarding capacity development within AP5 include:

  • Training of local technology users
  • Accompaniment of the initial operating phase of the implemented pilot systems
  • Conducting of workshops and summer schools
  • Postgraduate support of young scientists