BMBF-Verbundprojekt KaWaTech Solutions

University of Leuven’s caving club

Spekul, Leuven (Belgium)

Already from preparation phase (2010) Spekul is involved in the KaWaTech project, now followed by KaWaTech Solutions project. The main assignment of SPEKUL consists of the search and selection of caves to test the “turbine unit” technology, the so called “concept 2”. To pump up and distribute water in the karstsic area, the cave should meet the following requirements: flowing water (min. 10 l/s), water all year round, height difference of about -100m, shortage of water in surrounding area, feasible to build in pipes. At this moment several caves have been evaluated for this application, but a cave which fulfill all above mentioned requirements is not yet selected.

In addition to the search for water-bearing caves, SPEKUL supports all activities related to the subsurface. During past years SPEKUL was involved in checking sinkholes for vulnerability mapping, sampling of speleothems for climate reconstruction, studying clastic cave deposits, installing and replacing underground dataloggers, inspecting underground water channels.

Jan Maschelein
Prof. Dr. Jan Masschelein

Phone: +32 16326212
Dr. David Lagrou
Geologist & speleologist

Phone: +32 476328282


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3000 Leuven, Belgium


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